Convert datetime to Unix timestamp and convert it back in python

I would certainly likewise like to submit an ask for to remove all codepages and also unicode symbolic representations, that is, to forbid all non-ascii and non-default-codepage foreign languages. Paints of icons are actually still permitted.

You need to have to go through the best of the datetime docs, which reveal about timezones and “ignorant” and “informed” items.

I understand Time #to _ i returns a timestamp, but doing Time #to _ time and afterwards obtaining the timestamp outcomes in something that is actually off through regarding a month (not exactly sure why …).

Exactly how would certainly I receive a UNIX timestamp (variety of few seconds due to the fact that 1970 GMT) from a Time things in a Rails app?

I need to mention listed here that the true solution is to overcome the world and ban all timezones. The application is left behind as a workout for the visitor.

Request refuted. I am actually certainly not interested in generating a one-world language below, and even if our team performed I definitely would not would like to create lifestyle difficult for historical linguists and also Tolkien historians. Unicode actually addresses the issue, other than that certain institutions and items (the TRON consortium, Eastern software program that makes use of Shift-JIS over UTF-8, Microsoft still supplying an Operating System that nonpayments to cp1252 for individual text, as well as a variety of SDKs that pretend that UTF-16 is a fixed-width charset and/or the exact same thing as Unicode) require to become punished to bring all of them level.

DateTime.Now.ToFileTimeUtc() carries out not return the same as DateTimeOffset.Now.ToUnixTimeSeconds(). According to MSDN, “A Microsoft window report opportunity is a 64-bit value that works with the number of 100-nanosecond periods that have elapsed due to the fact that 12:00 midnight, January 1, 1601 A.D. (C.E.) Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).”.

Presumably you’ve 5 hours off UTC, so 2013-09-01T11:00:00 2013-09-01t06 and also local area:00:00 Z are actually the exact same time.

When I carry out dt – datetime( 1970,1,1)). total_seconds() I obtained the timestamp 1378033200.

I have dt = datetime( 2013,9,1,11), and I would love to receive a Unix timestamp of this datetime object.

Well, when changing TO unix timestamp, python is basically assuming UTC, however while turning back it will give you a day turned to your neighborhood timezone.

The technique to recover it is to make use of utcfromtimestamp instead of fromtimestamp if your original innocent datetime was actually UTC.

However, if your authentic gullible datetime was local area, you should not have actually subtracted a UTC timestamp coming from it from the beginning; use datetime.fromtimestamp( 0) instead.

Or, if you possessed a conscious datetime things, you require to either use a nearby (mindful) date on each edges, or even explicitly convert to as well as from UTC.

When turning it back making use of datetime.fromtimestamp I obtained datetime.datetime( 2013, 9, 1, 6, 0).

If you have, or even can easily upgrade to, Python 3.3 or even later, you can stay clear of each one of these issues by only making use of the timestamp strategy as opposed to trying to figure out how to perform it your own self. As well as also if you don’t, you may would like to think about obtaining its resource code.

Edit: OK, I assume I figured it out- I was processing a date many times in a loophole, as well as each opportunity the date was actually relocated a little due to the fact that of an opportunity region inequality, ultimately resulting in my timestamp being actually a month off. Still, I would certainly be actually curious in understanding if there’s any kind of method to do this without depending on Date #to _ time.

( And also if you may expect Python 3.4, it appears like PEP 341 is very likely to make it in to the ultimate release, which suggests each of the things J.F. Sebastian and also I were actually referring to in the reviews need to be doable with merely the stdlib, as well as operating the same method on each Unix and Windows.).

The hour doesn’t match. What did I miss below?

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