How do I add a watermark to a PDF using c# and without removing dynamic content?

Everything pointed out, my inquiry is this: Banning the above service, exist any kind of existing C# libraries that permit me to include custom watermarks to a pdf file without taking out the authentic PDF document’s inner links?

I’m trying to remove message apart from watermark text message coming from PDF reports along with Apache PDFBox library, so I wish to get rid of the watermark initially et cetera is what I yearn for.

Watermarks may be actually related to a PDF page in lots of means; each PDF producing collection or even use has its own technique to include watermarks, some even use various means.

Recently I’ve been actually assigned to a venture that requires adding a watermark to every page of a PDF file. Nevertheless, while the PDF is actually constantly the exact same, the watermark for the PDF possesses to be tailor-made to contain the e-mail of any sort of individual who downloads it.

Modifying a pdf along with php a budget-friendly way isn’t worthwhile. If you are actually collaborating with a single pdf, make use of an on the web service to convert it right into an HTML report (there are numerous), after that use C# to modify in a watermark for that file document. Make use of a service like Prince HTML to convert that HTML data back into a freshly watermarked pdf to download the moment that’s performed.

If you are creating your PDF with your own HTML template than you can effortlessly add a Image Div and produce this opacity 0.1 it will definitely position your image like a watermark. And also there is also a great project on github. You may consider this

As opposed to your expectation there is absolutely nothing like a specific watermark things in a PDF to realize watermarks in common PDFs.

After some digging, I located the FPDF and FPDI collections for PHP. These libraries enable me to effortlessly include personalized watermarks to my PDF data, however deliberately they cause the leading PDFs to be without Dynamic Material. The initial PDF is rather big, so it needs inner web links for simple navigation. Those inner web links are actually removed in the watermarked variation of the PDF due to the fact that PDFs revised along with FPDI is without compelling content.

anything (Bitmap graphics, angle graphics, content, …) sketched early in the web content as well as, as a result, developing a history on which the remainder of the material is formed;
just about anything (Bitmap graphics, angle graphics, text, …) drawn late in the information with openness, constituting a straightforward overlay;
just about anything (Bitmap graphics, vector graphics, content, …) attracted in the material stream of a watermark annotation which shall be actually made use of to embody graphics that shall be published at a repaired size as well as setting on a page, despite the dimensions of the printed page

The latter choice (the watermark comment) clearly is very easy to remove, however it in fact likewise is the minimum typically pre-owned option, very most likely considering that it is therefore easy to clear away; folks applying watermarks usually don’t wish their watermarks to receive lost. Additionally, notes are in some cases dealt with incorrectly through PDF visitors, and code copying page web content commonly disregards comments.

Some times even mixed types are actually used, have an appeal at this solution for an example, near the bottom you locate a ‘watermark’ attracted above graphics however below message (to allow very easy reading).

If you perform not deal with general documents but a details sort of documents (all created identical), alternatively, the incredibly type through which the watermarks are administered in all of them, probably could be identified as well as an extraction program may be actually viable. Feel free to share an example PDF for assessment if you have such an use instance.

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