How to convert PDF to images using C#

I would love to convert a PDF documents to .GIF using C# . I have actually added the reference to the MagickNet Dll to my project.

I have the capacity to browse a JPG image utilizing Tesseract, I’m capable to check a routine PDF using ITextSharp and get the message from those. However I can not find a means to either get the text from a scanned PDF along with a.PDF expansion, or even convert a PDF to an image so I can easily after that browse it along with Tesseract.

i require to convert a repository pdf in image, after a whole lot of hunts as well as tries i attempted along with abcpdf lib, but, the version 3.5) that i made use of is incompatible. i made an effort with Apex lib, however, the result was actually unacceptable, shabby.

Magic.Net is actually a C# port for well-liked library ImageMagick. Put in making use of Nuget package deal coming from link This technique you may make use of C#. Find code listed below.

PdfToImageConverter converter = new PdfToImageConverter();

for (int i = 0; i < converter.PageCount; i++)
    Image pageImage = converter.PageToImage(i);    
    pageImage.Save(i.ToString() + ".jpg", ImageFormat.Jpeg);

when i mention ‘poor, shabby’, the point is actually, messages like a mario brothers 16 bits, do not offer to me, carry out Optical Character Recognition in a image like that is a trouble.

Conversely you can easily make use of the GhostScript order series or even an office 3rd party component, eg the PDF public libraries from Tall Components.

The concern is that you won’t find any type of totally free respectable and indigenous pdf providing API on.Net Framework.

Here is an option making use of a great c/c++ api with P/Invoke. The writer offers a detailed illustration on exactly how to combine the api in to your use and how to utilize it.

ImageMagick requires GhostScript to Interpret PDF documents. I will definitely send you a c# wrapper) if you wish you can get in touch with the GhostScript dll directly (call me via my account.

Note it is going to affix images up and down. You may tack on horizontally.

C# cover that are going to enable you to convert PDF to images. Besides that you are going to need to have to check out the GhostScript information to view what the interface is actually as well as utilize pInvoke phones call to hook up to the Ghostcript dll.

Taking on that you have scanned the PDF document. The second thing is supposing you have simply message in the PDF document. You can easily create an image from message coming from the complying with technique.

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